The Elephant in the Room – 2

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It has such a long tradition that we still cannot seem to get rid of it, even in 2021. Very few people would admit that it is something they might be reproducing and reinforcing. It sticks to politics, newspapers, Instagram and hides in your favourite movies.

Various movements helped bring it into the public eye, but there are still lacking many hands that change old structures and mindsets.

There is a lot to be done for everybody to be treated equally. To break structures that make it harder to pursue educations, job opportunities and much more; structures that create and then ignore the elephant in so many rooms. In order to be able to see the elephant we need to hear and talk about it. In order to stop it we need to act.

This is why Liberty Experience and the Antiracism Group Amnesty International Munich decided to invite Cindy Adjey and Marcel Hopp from the Power of Color podcast to talk to us about structural racism and share experiences and thoughts on allyship.

After their info session you are welcome to share your own thoughts and ask questions in our breakout sessions. This will make up most of the event, since we want to provide open but safe spaces for dialogue. Everyone is welcome to join, whether or not you have experienced racism.

It will be in English in order to reach a broader audience.